Create console application in c sharp

Create console application in c sharp

Step 1: Go to file menu


Then click on project

Then box will appear then select Console application

Then start coding like this


The System.Linq namespace provides sessions and connects those assistance inquiries that use Language-Integrated Question (LINQ).

The System. Text namespace contains sessions that signify ASCII and Unicode personality encodings; fuzzy platform sessions for transforming prevents of personality kinds to and from prevents of bytes; and a associate category that manipulates and kinds Sequence things without developing advanced circumstances of Sequence.

The using System has two uses:

•             Create an alias for a namespace (a using alias).

•             Permit the use of kinds in a namespace, such that, you do not have to are eligible the use of a kind in that namespace (a using directive).

The System.Collections.Generic namespace contains connects and sessions that determine commonly used selections, which allow customers to make highly searched selections that offer better kind protection and efficiency than non-generic highly searched selections.

Write Line strategy: – Creates the specified information, followed by the present range terminator, to the conventional result river.

A system program, in the perspective of C#, is a program that takes feedback and shows result at a control range system with access to three basic data streams: conventional feedback, conventional result and conventional mistake.

A Console Application makes it possible for the reading and writing of character types from a system – either independently or as an entire range. It is the simplest way of a C# program and is typically invoked from the Windows control quick. A Console Application usually prevails by means of a stand-alone exe file with little or no GUI (GUI).

Output of console application:

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